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I write about pretty much anything I've found to be poorly documented online regarding PHP and other web technologies. While I try to focus on the topics and stuff I wish I would've known earlier or that were hard to gain knowledge about, there is no shortage of bug-anecdotes and reports too.

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How to sanitize full HTML 5 documents with HTMLPurifier

@machinateur Mar 01, 2024 15 min read

When it comes to sanitization of HTML content, HTMLPurifier (ezyang/htmlpurifier) is a popular library. Sanitization is commonly used in content management systems and really all kinds of software that deals with web content.


Talking to Arduino from PHP using phpduino

@machinateur Jan 20, 2024 5 min read

This is what phpduino does.

// First register the protocol and stream wrapper, ... \Machinateur\Arduino\streamWrapper::register(); // ... then use the protocol in a stream function... $fd = \fopen('arduino://', 'r+b'); // ... and...